Seacsub F1 S Review: Lightweight With Great Effort to Performance Ratio

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If you need a good pair of fair-priced scuba fins, the Seacsub F1 S Fins are good options to keep in mind. These fins are mid-range; they are not the cheapest nor the most expensive, and while they work well and do have some good features, they are also not the most advanced scuba fins out there. Considering their price, except for the most advanced divers swimming in demanding waters, the Seacsub F1 S Fins will work for most people.


Do you need new scuba fins but don’t want to spend a fortune on them? Sure, you could spend a ton of money on highly advanced fins, which is fine if you are an avid scuba diver.

However, if you just want them for occasional use, there is no point paying a lot for them. Fairly basic scuba fins for a decent price will do fine for most people.

If you want good fins for a decent price, you might want to take a closer look at the Seacsub F1 S Fins.

Who Thes Fins For?

Seac Sub F1 S finsThe Seacsub F1 S Fins are best for people who regularly scuba dive. Now, they are neither the worst nor best or the most or least expensive option out there. In other words, you probably should not buy these if you will only use them once per year, but also not if you plan on using them every single day.

These are good mid-range fins that come in at a medium price range.

Overview of Key Features

The guys over at did a great job of going over the key features of the Seacsub F1 S Fins. In the video, you can get a closer look at the fins and what makes them a great pair of fins. 

No Adjustment Straps

One cool feature that these fins have is the no-adjustment strap system. The straps are made of a very durable material, so they are not about to rip. At the same time, they are depth compensating straps, which means that they always apply constant and ideal pressure no matter what depth you are at; they provide a solid and secure fit no matter what the case.


The blades on the Seacsub F1 S Fins feature special channels which help to channel the water to the tips of these fins, which helps to increase your thrust and minimize the effort required for forwarding motion. The reduction of drag and energy expenditure is important when it comes to scuba fins, so this is something that we do appreciate.

Barefoot Design

The fact that the Scubapro Go Fins can be worn without boots or neoprene socks is pretty cool, as it makes things a little more comfortable. At the same time, the straps used to hold your feet in place are made to be removable and highly adjustable. Finding the right fit is not hard with the Scubapro Go Fins.

Comfort Pockets

The other feature worth mentioning is the comfort pockets. The foot pockets on the Seacsub F1 S Fins are made to be ergonomically friendly and anatomically correct. They are comfortable to wear, and they help maximize power transfer from the foot pockets to the blades for maximum thrusting power.

Seacsub F1 S Fins Specs 

Foot Pocket

Open Heel

Blade Style 

Moderately Vented|Channel




20 Inches


3.2 LBS

How Does it Stack up? Our Rating


Besides the issue with the straps being too loose for some people, we really like the design of the Seacsub F1 S Fins.


The Seacsub F1 S Fins quite highly functional. Besides small feet not being secure in the foot pocket, these fins work just fine for most purposes.


The Seacsub F1 S Fins are built for durability and they are rugged. While they are not the No. 1 most durable fins on the planet, they will do just fine for occasional use.


In terms of the price, the Seacsub F1 S Fins do not cost very much. Seeing as they are relatively good fins and we think that the price is more than fair.

What Did We Like?

There are quite a few things that we like about the Seacsub F1 S Fins. One of these is the fact that they come with self-adjusting straps. These fins are easy to put on and they provide a secure fit no matter what depth you are at.

We also like how the Seacsub F1 S Fins are so lightweight and it doesn’t require much effort to move forward. These fins are also quite durable, which is impressive considering their low price.

Finally, we like how the Seacsub F1 S Fins are quite technologically advanced, yet don’t cost all that much.

What Didn’t We Like? 

The fins themselves are a little short, which does limit speed a little bit, but this is not a major issue here.

What some people have mentioned is that the fit is very loose if you have small feet but wearing boots or neoprene socks could help with this.

Other than that, there is not much that we do not like about the Seacsub F1 S Fins.

We Like

  • Lots of power and maneuverability, with Good pocket-to-Blade power transfer
  • Self-Adjusting Strap System makes them easy to put on
  • Comfortable foot pockets, with self-adjust bungee strap makes easy donning and doffing.  

We Don't Like

  • Not ideal for Small Feet

What Are Divers Saying About The Seacsub F1 S Fins?

Great power and awesome maneuverability


Great fins no doubt!


Extreme Diver

fit is loose if you have small feet.”



Should I wear boots?

Can the straps be adjusted?

If I have a size 11 men’s foot, what do I wear?

The Bottom Line

The Seacsub F1 S Fins are a nice option to consider. While they do have a slight issue with the straps, they are great fins in every other way. If you have not taken a closer look at the Seacsub F1 S Fins yet, we would recommend doing so ASAP.

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