Scubapro Jet Fins Review – Time Tested Performance

ScubaPro Jet Fins with Spring Heel Strap (X-Large, Black)The Scubapro Jet Fins has been around since 1965 and is still considered by many divers to be one of the best dive fins you can buy today.

These pair of fins are used throughout the world by the military and a favorite of many commercial and professional divers alike.

In this Review of the Scubapro Jet Fins, you will find out why they are still one of the most popular fins on the market today. As well as,  some of the good and bad features, and what other divers, just like you, are saying about them.

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Scubapro Jet Fins Review Video

So, why are these pair of fins been around for so long?

In the video below you can get a closer look at the Scuba Pro Jet Fins and some of its features.

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Let’s Take A Closer Look At Some Of The Good And Bad Features

scubapro jet fins ReviewThe Good Features

  • Durable – The Jet Fins are molded from one piece of rubber which makes them very durable and vertically indestructible.  This will cut down on any maintenance that you will have to do on the fins, or the likely hood that you might damage them, meaning you will have them for many years to come.
  • Vented Blade –  Vents in the blade,  just below the foot-pocket, allows water to flow through the blade, reducing drag on the weaker upstroke, while enhancing trust and power on the down stroke.


  • Weight – Weighing in at 5-7 lbs, these fins can be quite heavy. And might not be suited for you if you want a pair of travel fins, or have a bombed leg or ankle.
  • Buckles – It comes equipped with standard adjustable fin straps with no quick release.  For easier donning and doffing you can opt to buy Scubapro spring straps for the Jet Fins.

Scubapro Jet Fins Size Cart

US Men's7-89-1011-1213-1415-16
UK Men's6-78-910-1112-1314-15
EU Men's39-4143-4445-4647-48.549+
Length (inches)17.7518212222
Width (inches)7.257.588.258.25
Weight (lbs per pair)

So, What Are Other Divers Saying About Them?

The overall feedback is excellent, these pair of fins have truly passed the test of time. Many divers have their pair of Scuba pro jet fins for decades and literally swear by them. They are perfect for the frog kick and other kicking maneuvers but are too heavy for some divers liking.

Below are few snippets of what other drivers are saying about these fins.

Best fin I’ve ever used by a long mile. They are a joy to dive with and I’d happily take mine to bed each night such is my love for them. I haven’t tried turtles or the Hollis F1s, which I’d like to try but in comparison to the other fins (both split and paddle) I’ve tried force fins, twin jets, quattros, and many others, Jet Fins just knock the socks of these others. Get these fins – you will never ever regret it.

Simply the best fin out there. A tried and true design that the scuba industry got right the first time. A heavier and stiffer fin than most on the market. Outstanding for frog kick, but can be used for any kick. Heavy fin is only bad for travel (luggage weight restrictions). Those that complain of “floaty feet/fins” will appreciate a heavier fin underwater. Not the ideal snorkeling fin, but for Scuba diving, it’s the best fin out there.

Sizing: I am a size 9.5 US. I bought the Large Jet Fins with the 8″ XS Scuba Spring Straps. Normal lightweight wetsuit type boots are used with them. Two things need to be said. Firstly, you will need a drill or Dremel to take the original straps off to put the spring straps on. Secondly, these fins and straps will not be comfortable for the first few days of diving. The boot pocket needs to get worked in along with the springs. They now fit like a glove, but they were not comfortable at all in the beginning.

I got these for tech diving on the recommendation of everyone. Everyone wasn’t wrong. These fins are still better than any of the new plastic fins out on the market. The solid durable feel inside tight areas of a wreck is great. You don’t worry about damage to them at all.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is, If you are looking for a pair of durable fins that delivers power,  then look no further than the Scubapro jet fins. There is a reason why this pair of fins has been around for so long and is used by so many diving professional and military worldwide.

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Do You Have Any Experience With These Fins?

If you have used these fins or have any experience with them, then leave a comment below about what you thought.

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