Mares X-Stream Fins Review – Nothing Like Your Traditional Fins

Mares x-streamIf you just take one look, you can clearly see that the Mares X-Stream Fins look nothing like your traditional paddle fins.

Mares says this is due to two years of resources, experiments, testing and four patents all concentrated in one unique product.

The new Mares Fins get its sleek look and performance from three distinct materials, each with its own mission.

They also claim the X-stream performance, comfort and lightweight design are the incredible result of sixty passionate years serving the diving industry.

So, let’s have a closer look at these new fins from Mares.

In this reviews we are going to look at what make the Mares X-Stream open heal fins so unique and different from other fins on the market today, the good and  bad features, what other divers are saying about these fins and how they perform,where were to get them online for a price that won’t dent your pocket.

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Mares X-Stream Review Video

So, What Makes These New Fins From Mares So Unique?

Below is a quick Mares X-Stream Review video done by the guys over at Simply Scuba.

In the  YouTube video, they go over some of the basic features of the fins. You can also get a closer look at the fins and some of its unique features.

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Now Let’s Look at some of these features In depth “The Good and  BAD”

So let’s get a close look at some of the main features of this fin.


  • Mares x-streamLight Weight – They weigh only 1.45lbs (0.66kg) per fin, this was made possible by removing areas of the fins that don’t contribute to trust. Because the fins are very light, it takes less effort to move them through the water.
  • Reduces Parachute effect – The foot pocket is perforated, which allows water to drain from the space between your boot and the foot pocket, eliminating excess drag as you swim. This also makes the fins easy to get on and off even while in the water.
  • Hinged Blade – Optimized Pivoting Blade causes the blade to flex at an optimal angle during both the upward and downward strokes, increasing the efficiency of the divers kick while reducing negative trust. This feature allows the fins to have a greater angle of attack on the power stroke pushing more water backward,  propelling you forward more efficiently.
  • Channel Trust – A clear, soft rubber is used on the blade to create a  Super channel. This creates a large flexible central panel that helps propel water-flow more efficiently down the fin blade instead of letting it spill over the sides, giving you the best performance with minimal effort.
  • Quick Release ABS plus buckles – This allows you to easily open and close the buckles even while wearing thick neoprene gloves.  ABS plus buckles allow to don and doff the fins without adjusting the straps. The double button release also prevents the buckle from accidentally opening making it really user-friendly.
  • Comfortable Fit – The combination of softer materials with stiffer materials creates a foot pocket with an extremely comfortable fit while ensuring all the power of the foot is transfer to the blades.


  • They are very pricey fins at above $200.00 list price. But, there are places where you can get them for much less. I will tell you where at the end of this review.
  • Most People prefer spring straps, rather than those that come with the fins.
  • Some divers find the fins pivots and flex too easily, and may take a little while to get used to at first.

Mares X-Steam Size Chart

US Men's6-99-1111-13
UK Men's5-88-1010-12
EU Men's38.4343-4545-48
Length (inches)232425
Width (inches)

What Other Diver’s Are Saying about the Mares X-Stream Fins

The feedback on the internet is quite positive. “Very lightweight”, “very little effort used to get so far”, “I really notice the difference of power compared to my split fins”.

However,  some divers feel like the fins flex too much and don’t perform in strong currents. But on the other had, some divers report that the fins perform great in currents with their kicking technique.

Below you will find some reviews from divers who used the fins.

X-streams are great, to me more thrust, lighter, and more comfortable than the Volvo Power. I always add spring straps makes life so much easier. The Mares Volo Power is still a great fin though, not too many can compare.

by slijoe scuba board

I also got the X-Streams and am very happy with them. I’m a new diver, so I don’t have a lot of experience to compare. Funny thing is that your can really feel the pivoting action in your ankles, so that’s weird at first. But when you continue to kick down, they do give quite some power. I’ve used these fins in 11 dives in the Red Sea where we went diving with a group. I noticed that I had to hold myself down because I  was going much too fast compared to the rest of the group using standard rental fins. In a way I felt burdened of being so fast with so little effort, so I think that’s a good thing of these fins.

I actually like the ABS Plus buckles on them although I can imagine being less durable then a spring. I take really good care of my equipment, but if you don’t I can imagine changing them out for springs.

By peterrobbemond scuba board

There is too much flex in these fins for my liking, so instead of propelling you through the water the fin flexes in the center which negates the transition of power from your legs to the fins.

I initially thought that it may have been me, but another DM colleague tried them as well and his opinion was the same.

Think of it like an oar in a boat, it the oar flexes you don’ get the same transition of power to the stroke.

However if you don’t have the strength to push a more resistant force through the water then these may assist you however in my opinion this would stop you developing the technique and strength in the long run.

ByExtremeAntics scuba board

What’s The Bottom Line

In conclusion… the Mares X-Stream is a comfortable, lightweight fin that delivers both stability and a lot of power for minimal effort. Don’t forget, It also looks really good under the water.

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