Cressi Frog Plus Review – Power Meats Efficiency

Cressi Frog Plus Review

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The Cressi Frag Plus blade mounted on top of the foot-pocket and the channeling effect make these pair of fins a  very powerful while at the same time being very efficient with minimal strain on your legs. They are great for recreational diving and has excellent quality for the price. 


Cressi has always been at the forefront of cutting-edge scuba diving technology, especially when it comes to scuba fins.

When the first Classic Frog Fins were first introduced it made quite a stir in the diving industry.  This was one of the first scuba fins designed with the blade pitch to an angle different from that of the foot-pocket.

Also, the blades started from the upper part of the foot pocket. This gave 20% increase in useful finning surface,  as well as a distinctive look to your traditional paddle fins.

The new Cressi Frog Plus Fins uses this same feature plus a few more to make an even more efficient pair of fins.

In this review, you are going to find out what new features makes the Frog Plus fins even better than its predecessor,  some of its good and bad features, as well as what other drivers are saying about these fins.

Overview of Key Features

The guys over at did a great overview of some of the key features of the Cressi Frog-Plus Fins. In the video, you can also get a closer look at the fins and what makes them so unique.

Optimum Blade Positioning 

Traditional paddle fins blade normally begins in the middle of the foot pocket. However, on these pair of fins, the blade actually start from the top of the foot pocket. This crease the usable blade of the fins by 20%, resulting in more power and greater efficiency.

Channel Blade System 

The use of harder techno polymer alongside softer silicone-based material allows the blade to curve into a “U” Shape while kicking. This creates a channel that concentrates the water flowing down the blade to create a “jet”, which propels you forward more efficiently, saving you precious energy on your dive.

Comfortable Foot-Pocket 

The foot-pocket is made from soft rubber, that also extends along the line of the blade for added stability and keeps the shape of the blade.  Each foot pocket has a couple of hole in at the toe end. This allows water drain reducing the vacuum effect while taking off the fins. It also has good non-slip on the underside of the foot-pocket for stability while standing up.


The Cressi Frog Plus fins use three different materials to make the fins durable and almost indestructible. You can literally fold the blade onto itself without the fair of it cracking or breaking. With proper Fin care and maintenance, you should have these pair of fins for many years to come.

What Are Other Divers Saying About the Cressi Frog-Plus Fins?

The feedbacks are quite positive actually. They got a rating of 4.5 out of 5 at and 8 out of 10 at

Many divers like that the fins are light and make excellent travel fins.  They also like that they work great with almost any kicking style.

But, these might not work divers that rely on powerful kicking. Some divers have criticized fins for flexing too easily. These would be perfect for recreational divers or someone with bad ankles or get craps easily, but not so well for technical diving.

Below are a few snippets from across the internet of what other divers are saying:

I bought my sons(16&18) a set of these. It was a definite upgrade to the fins they had. They love them. I tried them and they are much lighter than my atomic split fins. Good propulsion and easy on the legs.

Very solid pair of fins, they are forgiving but will still move you along when you need to go somewhere quickly, can be very powerful when you need it, legs will give out before these flippers do.Boots fit great in the pocket and there is enough strap to tighten them down well so there is no chance of them coming off while kicking hard. Very happy with the performance overall so far.


Excellent fin for the price. Not too heavy and power isn’t compromised. Strap at the back can be a bit fiddly with gloves on but that is my only gripe.



How Does it Stack up? Our Rating


Unique blade mounting utilizes the enter blade


You can literally fold it onto itself with out it breaking


Very powerful and efficient pair of Scuba Diving fins


Excellent pair of fins for a price that cannot be beat

What Did We Like?

The Cressi Frog plus fins are lightweight and easier to pack and travel with than traditional full-size fins. They are a bit shorter too because the blade starts at the top the foot pocket instead of halfway like other fins. 

They are also very efficient and can accommodate pretty much any kicking style with ease. This makes them excellent for majority recreational dive situation. However, if you’re someone who requires power in stiffer fins, you should consider the Scuba Pro Jet fins or Hollis F1 LT

They are very durable and offers good quality for the price. You should expect them to last you for many years to come.


What Didn’t We Like? 

The fins are fitted with conventional rubber straps and quick release buckles. However, we would prefer they came along with the  Cressi Bungee Straps. This way you won’t have to worry about the rubber fin strap braking, and they will feet will be snugly in place sending more power to the blades.

We Like

  • Lightweight and pack easily for traveling
  • Efficient, excellent for Recreational diving
  • Good Quality for the Price

We Don't Like

  • Standard quick release fin straps

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is the blade mounted on top of the foot-pocket and the channeling effect make these pair of fins a  very powerful while at the same time being very efficient with minimal strain on your legs.  And, for the price, you cannot find a better pair of fins

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