Top 10 Best Dive Boots for 2018

Your dive or scuba boots can easily be overlooked as an essential piece of dive equipment.

Although not as important as your mask or regulator, they are designed to protect your feet in so many ways and is required with most open heel fins.

But, with so many style and features of boots available, which is best for the diving you will be doing?

In this article, we are going to help you find the best dive boots for your diving needs by providing a comparison table of our top ten picks, as well as a buying guide to help make your choice much easier.

Best Scuba Boots Comparison Chart

Use the Comparison Chart below to quickly find the best booties for your scuba diving fins.

BootiesOur RatingPrice RangeThicknessSoleCutClosureInfo.
Mares Equator Boots
5.0$$2mmThinLow-TopSlip-onPricing and Reviews
Neosport Hi Top Zipper Boots
4.5$$3mm, 5mm, 7mmThinHigh-TopZipperPricing and Reviews
Seac Pro HD 6mm Boots
4.5$$6mmThickHigh-TopZipperPricing and Reviews
Cressi Isla Boots
4.0$3mm, 5mm, 7mmThinHigh-TopZipperPricing and Reviews
NeoSport Low-Top Pull-on Boots
4.0$3mm, 5mmThinLow-TopSlip-onPricing and Reviews
TUSA Imprex boots
4.5$$5mmThickHigh-TopZipperPricing and Reviews
Mares Flexa DS Boots
Mares Flexa Dive Boots
4.8$$5mm, 6.5mmThickHigh-TopZipperPricing and Reviews
XS Scuba Thug Boots
4.5$$8mmThickHigh-TopZipperPricing and Reviews

Dive Boots Reviews

Below you will find reviews of the top 10 best dive boots.  As mentioned above, the dive bootie you choose will generally be determined by your personal preference and the type of diving you will be doing.

Mares Equator Dive Boots

The Mare 2mm thick Equator dive boots is a  mid-top dive boot that is both great for diving in warm water or use with other watersports.  It features a rubber grip sole to prevent slipping.  It’s lightweight and flexible construction also make it a great choice for traveling.  Check Price


NeoSport Hi-Top Zipper Boots

The NeoSprot 5mm Hi-Top Dive Boots are constructed from nylon 2 neoprene making them both strong and durable. Its durable puncture resistant sole provides a sure grip on slippery surfaces. It also features toe and heel cap for added strength in these high-stress areas. These boots make a  great choice for a lightweight and durable boots at a price that won’t break the bank. Check Price

Seac Pro HD 6mm Boots

The Seac Pro HD 6mm Boots are tough and durable neoprene dive boots designed to let you get the most out of your dives.  It long zipped heal make donning and doffing easy and the integrated heel notch keeps your fin strap in place. While the hard sole makes entry and exiting on rough terrain comfortably. Making it a great choice if you do a lot of shore diving. Check Price

Cressi Issa Boots

The Cressi Issa Boots are a robust and durable neoprene boots that are suitable for all kinds of water sports. However, features such as reinforced toe and heel at high wear areas, fin strap tabs to prevent slipping,  and a long zipper to the ankle for easy donning and doffing makes it a great choice for serious divers. Check Price


NeoSport Low-Top Pull-On Boots

The NeoSport Low-Toop Pull-On Boots are great for warm water dives and also make a great all-around water shoe. Made from nylon 2.3mm neoprene with added toe and heel reinforcement, they are very durable. There is no bulky zipper, making them more streamlined and help prevents heat loss through water seepage. A great choice if you do most of your diving in warm waters of the tropics.  Check Price

Tusa Imprex Dive Boots

The Tusa Imprex Dive Boots are constructed from 5mm Neoprene, making them at home in both cold or warm water.  It has a long zipper which makes it easy to get them on and off and a velcro zipper retain will keep your zipper in place throughout the dive. On the heel, this is a neat strap saver which stops your fins strop from working its way off your heals.  A great choice if you’re looking for an all-around dive boots. Check Price

Mares Flexa DS Boots

Mares Flexa Dive BootsThe Mares Felxa DS boots feature a hard rubber sole with sure grip making getting in an out of the water in any terrane very easy.  Toes and heel reinforce make these both very durable and designed to last. It Zipper dam prevent water seepage and it 5mm thick neoprene makes it a great choice for diving in cold water. Check Price

XS Scuba Thug Boots

The XS Scuba Thug boots are 8mm thick and designed to be extremely warm dive boots.  Its large zipper is equipped with a cold water dam minimizes cold water seepage. While the velcro tab zipper retainer and nylon zipper stop ensure the zipper stay in place while diving.  They are extremely well built as well, the seams are glued and double-blind stitched. It is the perfect cold water diving boats that are designed to be long-lasting. Check Price


Mares Trilastic Boots

The Mares Trilastic 5mm Dive Boot is a beefy built dive boot with a comfortable sneaker like hard sole.  The entire front and heals are reinforced with vulcanized rubber making them very durable and will give you a year of reliable service. They are very warm as well with zipper dams to prevent water seepage. These are great temperate and cold water boots that makes entering and exiting the water in any terrane easy. Check Price

Scubapro Delta Boots

The Scubapro Delta Dive Boots are quite versatile and great for temperate and cold water diving.  It 5mm nylon 2 neoprene and zipper with internal gusset deeps water exchange to a minimum keeping your feet toasty warn though your dive. Its durable construction also ensures that you will have them for many years to come. Overall its a great all-around dive boots for the seasoned diver. Check Price

How To Choose The Best Dive Boots For Your Scuba Fins

If you are planning to dive with open heel fins, having the right dive boots will let you dive more efficient and comfortable. But, before you go ahead and buy just any boots, there are a few things you need to know before making your choice.


The first thing you must do is determine how thick your dive boots must be. They are generally made from the same material as your wetsuits and comes in pretty much the same thickness.

Generally, the thickness of your boots is determined by the type of diving you will be doing. For instance, if you are diving in tropical waters, then you will require booties with thinner material, about a 3mm should do it. But, if you are diving in cold water, then you will defiantly need a dive boot 5mm and above.

The general rule of thumb is to wear the same thickness booties as your wetsuit.


The type of sole will also be determined by the type of diving you intend to do. If you generally dive from a dive boat,  then a thin sole would be sufficient.

However, If you will be doing a lot of shore diving,  then you will need to buy booties with a thick sole to help you walk over sharp rocks and obstacles that would penetrate thinner soles.


The cut of the dive boats is also very important as well.  If you’re going to be diving in warm water then a low to mid top would be sufficient. For cold water diving, you will defiantly need the added protection of a high top. The high top also provides additional ankle support, which is well needed when walking with all that heavy scuba equipment.


Your scuba boots can be fastened many ways, the more popular are zippers, velcro strap,  or simple slip-on.

Zipper fasteners make putting on your boats very simple but can leak water inside the boots without a zipper well or gasket. This can make them less effective in cold water.

Velcro strap and tabs keep your boots warmer and also allow you to adjust the fit to your liking.

Silp-on boots make putting on and taking your boots very simple and can provide a comfortable and snug fit. However, they are generally found on low to mid top boots making them more ideal for warm water.

Caring For Your Dive Boots

Your dive boots require very minimal maintenance. It is pretty similar to how you would care for your wetsuit. Simply rinse and soak them in fresh water for a few minute.  Allow them to dry thoroughly, then store them in a clean dry place out of direct sunlight.