Choosing The Right Scuba Fins

Choosing a Scuba FinsHaving the right pair of fins can make the world of difference when it comes to the enjoyment of your dive.

Believe it or not, your scuba fins are directly link to the amount of energy, and air you will consume on your dive.

You can dramatically increase your bottom time just by having the right pair of scuba diving fins.

However, there are a vast number of fins available on the market today, which can sometimes make the task of selecting the right pair overwhelming at times.

But, when choosing right pair of fins you need to consider your level of diving experience, your leg power, and the type of divining that you will be doing in order to find the best scuba fins which suits your diving need.

Therefore I created this quick guide to help you make the right decision. At the end of the guide you should be able to choose the right fins for your diving needs.

Choosing the Right Type and Style of Scuba Fins

Here we’ll go over the many different type of fins and blade styles available when purchasing a new pair of fins, as well as there advantages and disadvantages.

Selecting the Right Fin Size

Having the right fit is essential to how effective your scuba fins will be on your dive. It is very import that you the right fit. In this page you will learn how to properly size your scuba fins as well as a size chart for you to select the right size of fins.

Scuba Fins Maintenance

Now that you’ve purchase you’ve purchase the right scuba fins, discover how to properly care for them. On this page you will learn tips to maintain your scuba fins and have them performing for many years to come.

Choosing Booties for Your Scuba Fins

If your are going to use open heel scuba fins, then you will definitely need booties to go along with them. In this quick guide we go over how to select the right pair of booties.

Scuba Fins Comparison Chart

By now you should have a better understanding of what style and blade type you want in your scuba Fins. Use this Scuba fins comparison guide to quickly find the type of fins you’re looking for.