scuba-diving-InstructorHi, my name is Dorian Leslie and I have been a scuba diving professional for many years now and I know what difference the right pair of fins can make.

If you don’t get a fin that fits properly, or suits the type of diving you are during, it can suck all the enjoyment right out of your dive.

You don’t want to be diving and constantly be thinking about your scuba fins.

One time, I had to rent a pair of full footed  fins that were too small because there were no more left in my size.

When the dive was over, there was a blister the size of a quarter on my right foot, and I had to sit out the second dive.

That was when I decided ” I need my own pair of Scuba fins”

But when searching to buy a new pair, I noticed that there was no one place online where I can read a definitive guide to choosing the right  scuba fins, as well as a place where I can compare all the most  popular scuba fins and read reviews.

Therefore,  I created Scuba Fins HQ with just that in mind. I wanted to create a one stop place for all your scuba fins needs.

When looking for my scuba fins I read many scuba fins rating and reviews, and  believe me there are many,  at times it was almost overwhelming.

Don’t worry thou, you won’t have to go through that hassle,I decided  to compile all the information I found into easy to read reviews. I will also continue to add more reviews to the website and any other information that I can find that will help you choose the best scuba fins.

Hope you enjoy the website and the Information I provide here. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me.