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Scubapro Jet Fins Review – Time Tested Performance
The Scubapro Jet fins has been around for many decades and is still consider to be one of the best scuba fins in use today. It is a favourite among commercial divers and the militery because of its power and durability.
Scubapro Seawing Nova Review – Cutting Edge Scuba Fin Design
If you are a diver who likes cutting-edge technology that makes scuba diving easier and more fun, then look no further than the[...]
Sherwood Triton Fins Review: Classic Vented Fins With Modern Materials and Design
A very affordable pair of scuba diving fins to go with, the Sherwood Triton Fins come with a great mix of quality, functionality, and cost-friendliness. They may not be the most advanced or fanciest of all scuba fins out there, but they get the job done. It is surprising to see how high quality these fins are considering their low price. If you are a beginner or occasional scuba diver, you should check out the Sherwood Triton Fins.
Aqua Lung Slingshot Review
The Aqualung Sling Shot open heal fins are the only fins on the market that use Aqualung patented power bands to make a more efficient pair of fins. The power bands store energy at the beginning of your stroke then releases it just before the upstroke for a burst of thrust. This feature helps reduce diver fatigue and stress on the lower foot.
Seacsub F1 S Review: Lightweight With Great Effort to Performance Ratio
If you need a good pair of fair-priced scuba fins, the Seacsub F1 S Fins are good options to keep in mind. These fins are mid-range; they are not the cheapest nor the most expensive, and while they work well and do have some good features, they are also not the most advanced scuba fins out there. Considering their price, except for the most advanced divers swimming in demanding waters, the Seacsub F1 S Fins will work for most people.
Scubapro Seawing Nova Gorilla Review: Stiffer For More Demanding Dives
The Scubapro Seawing Gorilla Fins are made with nearly indestructible materials, they are highly responsive, and offer a lot of thrusting power. If you are going scuba diving in demanding waters, these could be a great option for you.

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